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Studio 8 - Namaste


The gesture, Namaste, is commonly used at the beginning of each yoga session as the equivalent to "greeting" or "be well". It shows a sign of respect from one person to another. The designs in this group combine Yoga and Asian inspired motifs. The symbolic tonal print is an "Om" design based on a word that is typically used during meditation. The soft color palette is calm & soothing making these fabrics ideal for not only quilts but many other home décor items. In addition, use the project pattern to make a yoga bag to carry a mat and supplies!


Oatmeal (23182-E)


Oatmeal (23183-E)

Other Colors:



Tan (23184-A)

Other Colors:



Oatmeal (23185-E)

Other Colors:



Oatmeal (23186-E)
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